• Surf Summit Highlights
    04 janvier 2017
  • We spoke with Tiago Pires and Hugo Vau and accompanied the 300 participants over the weekend...
  • We spoke with Tiago Pires and Hugo Vau and accompanied the 300 participants over the weekend.

    We had the fantastic opportunity to join the Surf Summit. The main purpose of this event is to show how surfing is related to technology and how important is the work of one for the development of the other.

    And the truth is that after these two days, and after countless interviews with some of the best surfers in the world, and some of the greatest tech guys, we conclude that surf needs the new technologies. The technological development allows to know the forecasts in advance, allows to study the sport and consequently to help improve the performance of the athletes.

    In addition to the 300 participants, the weekend was attended by some of the best surfers in the world such as Tiago Pires, Hugo Vau, Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton and Anastasia Ashley who spoke about the importance of technology to the development of surfing.

    There were also activities such as paddle surfing and mountain biking and, of course, very cold beers by the night.

    Check out our video and learn more about what happened at the Surf Summit 2016.

    To monitor and confirm live, sea-state data, you can enjoy our network of livecams and reports prepared for this purpose.

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