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Beachcam Spot Report* 1 a 5 de Agosto

Agosto chegou com algumas ondas, mas o melhor está a meio da semana.

Beachcam Weekend Spot Report* 6 e 7 de Agosto

Surf garantido de norte a sul do país com o Algarve a receber um presente no primeiro fim de semana de Agosto... Mais aqui

Beachcam Spot Report* 8 a 12 de Agosto

De Viana a Tavira, passando pelo Porto e Lisboa, contornando mais abaixo o cabo de Sagres. Tudo com ondas para esta semana!

Beachcam Weekend Spot Report* 13 e 14 de Agosto

Agosto continua a não desiludir com surf todos os dias! Vamos ver como corre este fim de semana?

Beachcam Spot Report* 16 a 19 de Agosto

Mais uma semana de verão, em pleno mês de Agosto com ondas para todos... E todos os dias!

Beachcam Weekend Spot Report* 20 e 21 de Agosto

Ondulação a caminho com boas ondas e de tamanho considerável! Vamos ver onde e quando as apanhar?

Beachcam Spot Report* 22 a 26 de Agosto

Ondas no Norte, Centro e Sul, tudo isto na penúltima semana do nosso querido mês de Agosto...

Beachcam Weekend Spot Report* 27 e 28 de Agosto

Consulte aqui a previsão de ondas e surf para este último fim de semana de Agosto!

Beachcam Spot Report* 30 Agosto a 2 de Setembro

Setembro está aí à porta e com ele vem um swell daqueles... Preparem-se, pois vêm aí ondas grandes malta!

Praia de Moledo

Moledo is a five kilometer beach located at the entrance of Rio Minho next to Spain. It´s a reasonable beach break and easy to access. During summer, it´s a beach frequented mostly by holidaymakers.

Praia da Mariana

The correct name for this beach is Praia da Arda. The name Mariana was given by surfers to facilitate it´s location, taking into account that access to this beach is made by a well-known restaurant named Mariana. This is the most popular beach by…

Póvoa do Varzim

This beach offers a long sandy beach with several points along the waterfront. Beware of the bottom because it´s a mixture of sand and rock and when the ocean is big delivers a powerful wave.

São Pedro de Moel

The beach of São Pedro de Moel belongs to the municipality of Marinha Grande next to the Leiria Pine Forest.

Foz do Arelho

Foz do Arelho is known as a summer holiday destination. It has not only beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean but it´s also situated on the edge of Obidos Lagoon.

Praia Azul

Located south of Santa Cruz, it´s known for its long sandy beach and its dunes. Usually it’s not very crowded and there are multiple points spread throughout the beach.

Praia do Malhão

Praia do Malhão is located approximately five kilometers north of Vila Nova de Milfontes. It is know by the good conditions it offers for both surf and bodyboard and its extensive beach.

Praia do Amado

It is considered as one of the best Portuguese beaches for surfing. During summer it´s sought out by surfers from all over Europe. It is consistent and with multiple surfing points.

Praia da Cordoama

It is a beach with excellent conditions for the practice of sports such as bodyboarding and surfing. But it is also a great beach to spend a beautiful summer day. It has a perfect long sandy beach perfect for long walks. During summer there is an…

Praia do Castelejo

It is a beach with excellent conditions for the practice of sports such as bodyboarding and surfing. But it is also a great beach to spend a beautiful summer day. It has a perfect long sandy beach perfect for long walks. During summer there is an…

Sagres Tonel

The area of Sagres is full of peaks spread out several beaches. Tonel, Zavial, Ponta Ruiva, are some of the most famous ones in this area. Depending on the wind and swell, you´ll always find one of these working.


Set in a beach with a length of 2.7km, it´s one of the mandatory stops for all North surfers and also for those that are beginning to surf. With several points spread throughout the beach it can become very busy.


Protected by an extensive pine forest, Cortegaça Beach is between pontoons which makes it more sheltered and more secure for the practice of aquatic sports.

Peniche Belgas

With a wave that runs most of the year, it is recommended for surfers with minimal experience. With consistent lefts and rights, it is a great beach for aquatic sports.

Foz do Lizandro

Very exposed to large swells. On good days it can generate some awesome rides and tubes. On smaller days it´s perfect for beginners. Be aware of rip tides as for swimmers and surfers.

São Julião

It´s in general a summer point that works quite well with smaller swells. Consistent Right and left waves.

Praia das Maçãs

Due to its geographical location, it is essentially most seek out during summer time for fun surf with friends. Usually it works best with high tide. It is also a beach very popular with holidaymakers.


It is a winter wave that only works with huge swells. Due to its low periodicity it is very busy when it does works.


A long and fun right that runs on a stone bottom. In recent years became a reference for SUP (Stand Up Paddle) lovers.

Porto Covo

Located in SW Alentejo it is a beach with lefts and rights but little consistency. But with many points to be explored. It is also one of the busiest beaches in the area during the bathing season.

Praia dos Aivados

Between Porto Covo and Milfontes there´s a beach of unspeakable beauty with several points providing right and left waves. A great alternative for surfers that don´t like crowd or sessions of free and soul surfing.

Vila Nova de Milfontes

Also known as Praia das Furnas, it combines the beauty of the River Mira with the turmoil of the ocean.


The island of Faro or Praia de Faro, presents a wave of medium quality. The peak changes due to the movement of sands.


Very small beach but with a peak that can present excellent conditions for surfing. During the winter time, when it usually works, the crowd increases.


Usually it´s a beach with calm waters but with the right swell is one of the landmarks in terms of aquatic sports for the region.

Leça da Palmeira

Leça da Palmeira wave breaks on the right side (north) of the Port of Leixões. It's a very consistent wave but can also be crowded.

Praia de Matosinhos

Matosinhos is one of the coastal areas of Porto being one of the most wanted beaches up North. We pay special attention to the left of the stone, rigth in front of the seetrough building. Known as Praia Internacional, it has a very long sandy beach…

Praia de Espinho

Espinho is a great place to surf up north. Next to the city of Porto it´s a very consistent surf spot with big swells, the right at the casino´s bay is a powerful and tubular wave.


With an extensive sandy beach (about 2km) this is a very cherished beach in the region and it´s largely sought out by holidaymakers and surfers given the ease of access and infrastructures in the immediate vicinity. Surfers and sea sports lovers…


Emblematic beach of Ovar mostly frequented by local people. With good conditions for water sports, its one of the best beaches in the area.

Praia da Torreira

Located in Murtosa, it has a huge sandy beach of over 6km and is highly sought after by nature lovers, water sports and users from the local Camping Park.

Praia da Barra

Praia da Barra is by definition the surf spot. With a variety of scattered waves between Barra de Aveiro and Costa Nova, it offers excellent conditions for surfing. You can always find a wave with little crowd. Furthermore if you want to take…

Costa Nova

Costa Nova offers excellent conditions for surfing. From scenarios very similar to Pipeline or fun waves to intermediate level, depending on the conditions. When it is big only recommended for advanced level. Its extensive sandy beach makes it…


It is one of the most iconic beach of Vagos. With an extensive beach it is sought out by surfers and holidaymakers due to its quality and frequency in terms of surf. It´s know by the locals as “The best Beach in the World”.

Praia de Mira

Praia de Mira is an iconic beach in central Portugal sought out by the holidaymakers community, surfers and of course the sea sports lovers finding here good conditions throughout the year. Officially became in 2016 the only sea bathing area in the…

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