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Tiger Tracks... com Alex Smith

Um jornada épica, repleta de paisagens lindíssimas e alto nivel de surf por G Land...

What to do...

Sagres is a destination where visitors come to embrace nature’s immense power, be that in the sea surfing, on the land hiking, or basking under the glorious sun.

Super Set at Nazare

This was the day when Surfer Andrew Cotton suffered a severe wipeout and got thrown into the air 30 feet high

Rip Current Survival Guide

First, one must remain calm and try to float, because the rip current will only keep him from the shore.

Between the six most beutiful in the world

The magazine Condé Nast suggests a visit of one to two weeks, in order to enjoy a wide area of protected landscape


Usually it´s a beach with calm waters but with the right swell is one of the landmarks in terms of aquatic sports for the region.

Portugueses a postos para o Pro Anglet

Na prova masculina estarão 15 surfistas lusos em ação, sendo que ainda há duas surfistas em prova do lado feminino.

RCJ exclusive interview about Nazare

Australian big wave rider considers that Nazare has the potential to reclaim lives and for those who haven´t surf there ‘never judge the book by the cover’

Surfers Paradise

Since ancient times Peniche lived intimately linked to the sea. Initially it was an island but then with the wind and tidal current become a peninsula. Its strategic location, the richness of their land and its coast was where occupided by several…