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Impressive new angle from a huge bomb at Nazare

New drone footage of one of the Biggest Waves of the Season at NAzaré, also one of our most extreme angles this winter where the drone was almost lost

Super Set at Nazare

This was the day when Surfer Andrew Cotton suffered a severe wipeout and got thrown into the air 30 feet high

Scary sequence filmed at Nazare

New carnage sequence filmed in Nazaré involving Brazilian Big Wave Surfer, Marcelo Luna.

Andrew Cotton feels the power of Nazare yet again

One year after his huge setback at Nazaré that took him out of comission for several months, Cotton suffers another massive wipeout!

Tense moments at Nazare with big wave surfer Toby Cunningham

The moments that follow the wipeout were of great stress, and little window of opportunity for a successful rescue, Toby’s 25 years of Big Wave experience is put to the test!

Praia do Norte Canhao Nazare

A Praia do Norte na Nazaré, já proporcionou alguns dos maiores drops do mundo, inclusivé o record da maior onda alguma vez surfada, que pertence a Garrett McNamara. É uma onda muito consistente e poderosa que se forma através de um fenómeno natural…

Tecnologia espacial para encontrar ondas gigantes

O surfista, de 36 anos, tem contado com a ajuda de satélites, oceanógrafos e especialistas em meteorologia.