• Get your mind blown away with the power of this Portuguese wave!
  • Man and nature face in one of the most feared wave of the Portuguese coast.

    If you never got the chance to visit Cascais, just click here to watch more than 100 free live cams.

    This is the story of a sleeping monster, called Cabo Raso at Cascais, and local surfers who risk their life for the pleasure of dominating one of the most dangerous waves of Portuguese coast. Get to know Cape Raso and why only now surfers began to surf it.

    Get on board to this visit of the past, you won´t regret it.

    To monitor and confirm live, sea-state data, you can enjoy our network of livecams and reports prepared for this purpose.

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  • Ruben Gonzalez
  • Miguel Blanco
  • Francisco Vidal
  • André Pedroso
  • Pedro "Pecas" Monteiro
  • Rodrigo Champalimaud
  • Surf
  • Big Waves Rider
  • Cabo Raso
  • cascais
  • ondas grandes
  • Portugal
  • turismo de portugal
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