• Nazare home of the biggest waves in the world but also some of the most perfect waves also
  • Watch the local BB crew ripping in the lonely and perfect waves of Nazare.

    If you never got the chance to visit Nazare, just click on one of our free live cams (Praia da Vila ; Praia do Norte Panorâmica ; Praia do Norte).

    We´ve talked with the author Benny Boss about the video:

    "HI, guys here follows another work of mine, another BTR VLOG. This time the images show an incredible week of perfect waves and lots of sun in December. The spot is a secret, the only thing I can reveal is that it's in Nazaré and it's not a "main spot".

    Beyond the usual "artists" (Luís "Ben" Coelho, Dino Carmo and André Bernardo), you also can see some waves of Hugo Chicharro and Vitor Pombinha."


    To monitor and confirm live, sea-state data, you can enjoy our network of livecams and reports prepared for this purpose.

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    Vídeo - Benny Boss Boy

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