• New drone footage of one of the Biggest Waves of the Season at NAzaré, also one of our most extreme angles this winter where the drone was almost lost
  • This Wave by Sebastian Steudtner was one of the main bombs of the session during the Giant Swell of January 18 and also an entry to the WSL Big Wave Awards, it's from the same day when Axi Muniain rode that Vertical Giant Wall of Water and the very same session when Ross Clarke-Jones caught what could be now the Biggest Wave of the season. 

    If you never got the chance to visit Nazare, just click on one of our free live cams (Praia da Vila ; Praia do Norte Panorâmica ; Praia do Norte).

    This new Drone Footage released today by Máquina Voadora - Produções, shows a different angle of this absolute Bomb, flying super fast at very low altitude and as near to the action as it's probably possible to put a drone on, it's like Hollywood Special Effects but Nazaré Style, no CGI in here boys.  


    Watch for yourself and WAIT FOR IT... Drones get wet sometimes ;)

    To monitor and confirm live, sea-state data, you can enjoy our network of livecams and reports prepared for this purpose.

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