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  • At home on top of the highest waves in the world: Sebastian Steudtner leads a life of extremes.
  • Fine line between adrenaline and passion.

    A wall of water weighing up to 500,000 tons is perfect for big wave surfers. But just one wrong movement on the board can quickly have serious consequences. Sebastian Steudtner lives for this sport. It is the inimitable presence of the moment, the feeling of being totally one with nature – at a speed seemingly beyond time and space.

    An independent life.

    Sebastian Steudtner has been pursuing his dream of an independent life since his youth. At the age of 16, he leaves his hometown of Nuremberg and goes to Hawaii. The path to the waves requires endurance, courage, and time. Giving up is not an option for Sebastian Steudtner. Daily training leads to the first big breakthrough of his career in 2004. On December 14 he surfs the biggest wave ever recorded in the history of in Jaws/Hawaii.

    Records and awards.

    Sebastian Steudtner is 19 years old when he makes the decision to become a pro surfer and makes his dream come true in 2009: He surfs the biggest wave in Hawaii and becomes the first European to make a name for himself in the big wave surfer scene. In 2015, he once again surfs the biggest wave – this time in Praia do Norte in Nazaré. For his outstanding performances, he has won two of the renowned “Oscars” of surfing awarded by the World Surf League (WSL).

    Project world record.

    And yet, this exceptional athlete cannot sit still: His next goal is the world record for the biggest wave ever surfed. Sebastian Steudtner pursues his central motto “Believe in your dreams and have the courage to go after them” with passion. With his team and a small group of fellow big wave surfers, Sebastian Steudtner is always searching for the best waves.
    Beyond the well-known big wave hot spots in Spain, Ireland, and Norway such locations are usually undiscovered and hardly accessible coastal areas – and their potential has not yet been fully uncovered. If anyone can change this, it is Sebastian Steudtner.


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