• Mike Horn: Around the world in 890 days.
    09 March 2017
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  • Pole2Pole: Explorer Mike Horn and his G-Class on the first stages of his new expedition.
  • Thrilling times with Mike Horn.

    Mike Horn has been travelling for exactly 275 days on his “Pole2Pole” expedition. His mission: to travel once around the world in 890 days – from Europe to Africa, the Antarctic, Oceania, Asia, the Arctic and North America, and back to Europe. The starting signal for his new adventure was given early this year in front of the legendary Explorers Club in Manhattan. Mike’s trusty companions are the Mercedes-Benz G Class and his sailing ship Pangaea. The Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador has only just made the crossing with his expedition ship from Cape Town to the South Seas, heading for the Antarctic.
    Before setting out on his solo crossing of the icy continent alone in the coming months, on foot and with skis, Mike reviewed his voyage to date. The extreme athlete already has some exciting months behind him – and with New Zealand, Papua-New Guinea, Indonesia, Kamchatka, Greenland and the North Pole still to come, Mike can look forward to equally thrilling times ahead.



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