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  • Interview with Big Wave Rider Hugo Vau
  • The XXL Big Wave Awards names the biggest and strongest waves on the planet and presents the brave ones who surf them, even if they fall (there is a prize for biggest wipe out). In the next edition there will be a Portuguese presence: Hugo Vau, big wave surfer, was named after having surfed a wave with more than 20 meters in Praia do Norte. The biggest wave of the year award will be announced in May of this year.

    The MEO Beachcam team interviewed Hugo Vau the day he joined the WSL Big Wave Awards in the "Ride of the Year" and "Biggest Wave" categories, October 20, 2016, the day he became known as BIG Monday.

    Edited by- Handmade Produções

    Drone Footage - Máquina Voadora Produções


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