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  • If life passes us by faster than we expect, is there a way to slow it down? We explore the art of making every minute count in the latest instalment of our adventure film series “Beyond the Action”.
  • Calculated Madness

    It would be easy to conclude that BASE jumpers and skydivers are insane. Fearless, without regard for life, or at the very least missing the inbuilt survival instinct that we mere mortal human beings possess. However, talking to skydiver and BASE jumper Simon Guthrie during our film shoot (see below), it becomes apparent that the man, born and raised in New Zealand, is neither suicidal nor completely fearless. While he has seen friends die, every risk he takes is calculated, well-prepared madness at worst. A skydiving instructor with years of experience, Simon has clocked endless hours in the sky getting comfortable with a parachute before attempting his first BASE jump.


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