• GTspirit Winter Experience 2017
    10 April 2017
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  • The second edition of the GTspirit Winter Experience took place during a weekend in January
  • At a recent weekend in January, supercar owners and car enthusiasts from over nine different countries met up for the second GTspirit Winter Experience. Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG provided us with three all-wheel drive vehicles for the winter tour from the German city of Munich to Sölden in the Austrian Alps. The AMG wolf pack was complemented with several teams who joined the event with their own cars.
    AMG supplied three different winter cars to the GTspirit crew: the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 Edition 463 and the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S 4MATIC. Although on paper they might look very similar – large SUVs all equipped with the famous 5.5 litre AMG V8 biturbo engine also known as M 157. But in reality each of the three cars has its own distinct character.

    Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S – the sports car
    The GLE 63 S 4MATIC is the sports car of the three. The 5.5 litre V8 produces a maximum of 585 hp and 760 Nm of torque, with a lower weight than the other two it rockets from 0–100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds and tops out at an incredible 280 km/h. To put that into perspective: the nil to 100 sprint is as quick as the former CLK 63 AMG Black Series. And it is not just fast in a straight line – thanks to some clever technology and AMG suspension setup it is incredibly quick through corners as well with body roll reduced to a minimum.

    Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 – the Gran Turismo
    The GLS 63 4MATIC is the ultimate travel car of the three with space to fit up to 7 people plus luggage. The power output is the same as in the GLE 63 S, but due to its slightly higher weight it sprints from 0–100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and tops out at 270 km/h. The GLS is incredibly easy to drive and despite its sheer size it is a car easily to fall in love with. It packs the perfect combination of comfort, practicality and performance. And believe it or not but it is easy to drift, too.

    Mercedes-AMG G 63 Edition 463 – the Beast
    Last but not least we present the G 63 – as much as it is a beast it is also a true icon and a statement on wheels. The M 157 engine produces 571 hp and 760 Nm of torque in the G 63. This allows for a 0–100 km/h sprint in 5.4 seconds and a top speed of 230 km/h. That makes it the slowest of the three, but the G has some aces up its sleeve. How about true 4WD and three electric locking differentials making it unstoppable on any terrain.
    This G 63 is no ordinary G 63 – it is the special Edition 463. The Edition 463 references the internal model code for this generation G-Wagon W 463 which has been in production since 1990. Later this year Mercedes-Benz will unveil the new G-Class which will have a brand new chassis for the first time in 27 years.

    Common passion for cars
    Four days after we started at Munich Airport we return to a very cold international airport. What an epic weekend it was – the perfect mix of driving, skiing, sledging and other winter activities but best of all was the international group of participants that all shared a common passion for cars and wintersports.


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